National Crime Alert 12.11.17

The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for December 11, 2017

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These incidents were reported across the country from 12.04.17 to 12.10.17


New Jersey – Reported 12.04.17

Car dealership to repay $37K after salesman allegedly pocketed deposits

A New Jersey car dealership will pay $37,500 to six customers whose down payments were allegedly stolen by an “unscrupulous” salesman, authorities said. The salesman told the customers who came to the dealership to purchase vehicles between March and June that he would find the cars they wanted from other sellers and have them shipped to the Somerset County dealer, authorities said. He told the buyers he could not accept check or credit cards, insisting they make down payments ranging from $2,000 to $15,000 with cash, authorities said. (Original article)

Okatie, SC – Reported 12.06.17

3 suspects face charges in alleged car dealership theft

Three suspects face charges in Georgia and Jasper County in connection to an alleged car theft at a dealership in Okatie, the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office said. At 1:15 a.m. Sunday, deputies received a call about an alarm at the dealership. Upon arrival, a deputy found the business broken into and saw a man attempting to steal a car from the parking lot, Sheriff Chris Malphrus said. (Original article)

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National Crime Alert 12.04.17

The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for December 4, 2017

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These incidents were reported across the country from 11.27.17 to 12.03.17


Maitland , FL – Reported 11.27.17

Suspected car thieves sought after plowing through dealership

Authorities in Seminole County are searching for would-be thieves who plowed through a fence at a car dealership. Deputies said at least two culprits drove through a fence at Enver’s European Auto in an apparent robbery attempt. (Original article)

Kennett, MO – Reported 11.27.17

Kennett police searching for car dealership thief

Police in Kennett are asking for the public’s help in identifying two suspects accused of stealing rims and tires from a dealership.  According to a Kennett Police Department news release, a silver or light gray, late model Ford pickup truck with two unidentified suspected entered the dealership’s parking lot around 4:00 Sunday morning. (Original article)

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Eyewitness Surveillance's National Crime Alert for November 27, 2017

The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for November 27, 2017

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These incidents were reported across the country from 11.21.17 to 11.26.17

Searsport, ME – Reported 11.20.17

Thieves Steal $100K in Used Cars—Two Crooks Remain at Large

On 9.15.17, four vehicles disappeared from a local auto dealer’s lot, after thieves broke an office window to steal keys. Together, the stolen cars were worth more than $100,000.

Since then, police recovered all four stolen vehicles, as well as a license plate found on another vehicle. They’ve also arrested two individuals and charged them with the September auto theft. However, as the police spokesperson told reporters, “Two people have been arrested […] and there were four vehicles that left that night.” Local and state police remain vigilant for the other conspirators. (Original article)

Beaverton, OR – Reported 11.21.17

Thief Dodges Police for Ram Truck

Police reported a Dodge Ram pickup truck missing from a local automotive dealership. Anyone with leads or information is encouraged to contact the Beaverton Police Department. (Original article)

Columbia, MO – Reported 11.22.17

Murderer Adds Grand Theft Auto to Rap Sheet

In October 2017, a local dealership lost a 1990 Chevrolet Corvette after a “customer” wrote a bad check for $9,500. A few days after the vehicle drove off the lot, the bank notified the dealership that the check came from a fraudulent account.

A month later, the Independence police force actively searched for the same man in connection of a armed burglary resulting in the murder of a 72-year-old bystander. The state currently requests that the man’s bond be set at half a million dollars—cash only. There’s no word on whether the dealership has found the missing Corvette. (Original article)

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Eyewitness Surveillance's National Crime Alert for November 21, 2017

The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for November 21, 2017

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These incidents were reported across the country from 11.13.17 to 11.20.17

Cleveland, OH – 11.14.17

2 Cleveland Car Killers Arrested

Police finally arrested two men they believe are responsible for killing the co-owners of a local dealership in April. In June, they arrested another individual against whom a grand jury has handed a 25-count indictment including aggravated murder, robbery of two vehicles and car keys (later recovered), and slaughter of the couple’s dog, Axel.

Police refuse to say how the two arrests this month connect to the murder-slayings. A judge placed their bails at $1 million each. No other suspects have appeared in relation to this case. (Original article)

Oklahoma City, OK – Reported 11.15.17 

Man Swipes Cadillac Key From Dealer’s Desk 

A man and a woman entered a local dealership on 11.3.17, ostensibly to sell a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe. While the dealer looked at the car, the man re-entered the dealership on a pretext and casually swiped a car key from the dealer’s desk. The man hands the key to the woman, who searches the lot for the car to which that key belonged when the dealer returns to his regular duties.  

By the time the dealer realized what had happened, the couple had already entered a 2010 black Cadillac SRX and drove away with a car much more valuable than the car they’d left behind. (Original article) 

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The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for November 13, 2017

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These incidents were reported across the country from 11.6.17 to 11.12.17

Oklahoma City, OK – Reported 11.6.17

Have You Seen These Men?

Courtesy of the OKC Police Department

Courtesy of the OKC Police Department

Police recently released these still photos taken from surveillance footage of an auto theft crime scene at a local OKC dealership. If you know these individuals—last seen at a “southwest metro dealership on October 27,” according to local media—please contact the local police department. They are wanted “in reference to [an] auto theft case,” per the Oklahoma City Police Department’s Facebook page. (Original article)

Green Bay, WI – Reported 11.6.17

Van Used by Tire Thieves Recovered, $60K in Inventory Still Missing

Police recovered a stolen van in Milwaukee last week, taken from a dealership in Bellevue that also lost 40 sets of tires, rims, and wheels from lot vehicles. Authorities believe thieves took the van to haul away their stolen booty.

According to reports, the van’s driver side window was broken—probably to grab a lock box with the van’s keys—but sustained no other damage.

Other than this van’s recovery, authorities have published no further leads in the tire theft investigation, which cost the dealership between $60,000 and $72,000 in lost inventory alone. Anyone with information should call the Brown County Sheriff’s Office at 920-448-4230. Information leading to an arrest may win you a $2,500 reward, offered by the dealership. (Original article)

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Eyewitness Blog: Employee Spotlight October 2017

Eyewitness Employee Spotlight for October 2017: Rebecca Wilmoth

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If I may break the fourth wall for a moment, I’m certain that everyone will think I rigged the system so that we could appreciate everything that my awesome boss, Rebecca Wilmoth, does for Eyewitness Surveillance. However, our September Employee Spotlight, Dan Capri, picked Rebecca to follow his (hard) act with no prompting from me. To quote directly from his email:

“In the beginning of my time here at Eyewitness, there was not much when it came to marketing for this company. Ever since Rebecca has been brought on board, our Marketing Department feels like it has completely filled out to be exactly that, a department. She has directly impacted my time at Eyewitness and makes my job so much easier.

“With implementing Salesforce, PROPS, the email bulletins that are being sent out, and the completely integrated websites, she has really lead the Marketing Department in a direction to be proud of! She completely deserves the recognition of being an employee spotlight!”

I personally couldn’t agree more. So, after a little arm-twisting, Rebecca agreed to an interview with me for this month’s Employee Spotlight. (And, I thoroughly approve of her choice of preferred animal.)

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Eyewitness Surveillance's National Crime Alert for October 30, 2017

The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for October 30, 2017

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These incidents were reported across the country from 10.16.17 to 10.29.17

Editor’s Note: Our apologies for the delay of the National Crime Alert! We had a multiple-day company-wide professional development meeting last week that postponed the reporting. So today, you’ll get two weeks’ worth in a single update! 

West Palm Beach, FL – 10.16.17

Car Thief Ignores Stun Gun, But Not Cop’s Punch

Back on 10.6.17, police received a tip from a GPS tracking service for a dealership’s 2016 Audi A-S7, stolen “with the keys still inside.” When police arrived on the scene, the driver (and car thief) escaped. They tried to immobilize him with a stun gun to no avail.

It took an officer tackling then punching the thief in the face to bring the man into custody. When there, authorities discovered the keys to the stolen Audi along with three other vehicle keys on his person. The man stands accused of “grand theft, resisting arrest without violence, driving with a suspended license, and eluding law enforcement,” according to the incident write-up. (Original article)

Lewes, DE – 10.17.17

“Racial Slur” Vandals Arrested

Police arrested two young men accused of vandalizing school buses with “profanity and racial slurs,” according to the media report. Authorities connected these two with previous episodes at a movie theater parking lot and a local dealership. No word on how much their vandalism cost the businesses to repair. (Original article)

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Eyewitness Surveillance blog: Scrap Metal Thieves Steal Your Reputation: How to Encourage Honest Scrappers

Scrap Metal Thieves Steal Your Reputation: How to Encourage Honest Scrappers

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We don’t have to tell you what a problem scrap metal thieves are for honest scrap yards and industrial recycling facilities, particularly for your reputations. When the police try to track down stolen metal goods, it’s your door they knock on first—and somehow make you complicit in another’s criminal activity. The broader community might think that you’re a beacon for bad folks, which ruins your business’s good name and prevents honest sellers from working with you.

The first step to this reputation crisis is to identify scrap metal thieves before they can sell bad scrap to your yard in the first place, which we’ve covered before. But, how can you encourage the honest scrap metal sellers without turning your facility into Fort Knox? We’ve got some ways that you can help your business’s reputation grow with honest scrap metal providers while maintaining top-notch security.

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Eyewitness Surveillance blog: Protect Your Physical Databases: Paper Security for Dealerships

Protect Your Physical Databases: Paper Security for Dealerships

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It’s amazing how much information is recorded on paper, even in today’s device-driven society. It can cause a real organizational—let alone security—headache, with carbon-copy forms in triplicate from F&I mixing with scribbled notes from the service area, all stuffed in a manila folder left on someone’s cluttered desk.

But that disorganized “trash” pile is some thief’s treasure trove. Here’s how to protect your dealership from thieves looking to steal your business’s and your customers’ personal information for profit.

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Eyewitness Surveillance's National Crime Alert for October 16, 2017

The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for October 16, 2017

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These incidents were reported across the country from 10.9.17 to 10.15.17


Stockton, CA – Reported 10.9.17

Four Juvenilles Steal $400K in Single Heist

Police arrested four juvenile boys connected with a recent area break-in at a dealership. That burglary resulted in nine missing cars—six of which have been recovered—about 300 stolen car keys. Between the keys and the value of the stolen cars, the dealership estimates that about $400,000 worth of property was taken.

The dealership says it knows of two other local businesses that have had similar thefts. Hopefully, the police have caught the entire child ring so this latest—but not the last—crime spree can stop. (Original article)

Gilbert, AZ – Reported 10.9.17

Dealership Gifts Veteran Free Truck for Heroics During Las Vegas Shooting

A dealership in Arizona gave away a free truck to a U.S. veteran who helped save “dozens of lives” during the 10.1.17 Las Vegas shooting.

In order to transport the critically injured to a local hospital, the man stole a truck to ferry two rounds of victims to medical attention. The truck did make its way back to its owner after its rescue work was complete, and its impromptu driver is hailed as a hero across traditional and social media.

To thank the driver, B5 Motors gave him a brand-spanking-new Ford F-150 to “honor him and express appreciation for his bravery, courage, and American spirit.” The veteran says that he plans to sell the vehicle and donate the money to the victims of the shooting tragedy. (Original article)

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