Control Your Business Through Fully Customized Security Systems


Every week, business owners lose the security lottery, suffering damages and loss when trusting their facility to luck instead of a rigorous security strategy. Only through proactive security efforts–like Eyewitness Surveillance’s access control systems–will your business be safe. We put you back in control of your business’s security through our fully customized keyless entry system, through which you can stop criminals in their tracks. In the event of a break-in, the intrusion alarm system will engage, instantly alerting you and the police of unauthorized intrusion requiring immediate attention.

You’ve worked hard to grow your business. Guard your livelihood from those who would steal it.

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Customized to Your Needs

Would you like key cards, branded badges, or simple key fobs? Does your business need two doors secured, or twenty, or two thousand over six buildings? Which type of reader would you prefer, wired or wireless? Our trained security professionals will partner with you to design a fully customized access control system for your business to satisfy your current needs, while leaving room for future expansion and growth. We’ll install as much or as little coverage as you like, per your instructions and needs.

Drill Down to Employee-Level Permissions

Are your sales staff not allowed to access your IT closet after 7 PM? Does your manager need 24/7 emergency access to every door? Through our access solution software, you can immediately grant and adjust user-specific access on customized schedules to various parts of your business–without having to wait for an off-site management company to “approve” your business strategy.

Remote System Management

Take control of your company’s security protocols anywhere, anytime through our mobile application. Read system alerts, audit security records, and even adjust cardholder permissions from your mobile device or desktop computer.

Intruder Alerts via Text & Email

Instantly know when an intruder breaks into your buildings through automated text messages and email alerts. You can set alarms for particularly sensitive or off-limits areas of your business, or a general after-hours intruder alert. Police will also be notified through the automated alert system whenever a break-in is in progress, speeding up their response times.

Meet Legal Requirements for Intrusion Alarms

Several states now require video verification of alarms sent to police dispatch before authorities arrive on-scene. Should you choose to integrate our live monitored video surveillance system with your access control system and intrusion alarms, we’ll be able to verify your alarm per local law.

Instant Emergency Lock-Downs

In the event of an emergency like the recent hostage situation at a Newton, Kansas dealership, you can immediately lock your entire facility and contact the police with the push of a button on your mobile app, protecting your employees and assets from harm.

Easily Search Your Security Records

The access control software automatically tracks users’ devices whenever they use our access system to enter or exit the building. These timestamped records of who entered specific areas of your facility make security audits a breeze.

Access Control System Mobile Notifications

Save Thousands Installing a Keyless Access System

Companies spend thousands of dollars every year replacing locks as employees resign and keys are lost. Eyewitness Surveillance’s access control system only charges for initial installation per door, followed by a minimal monthly upkeep fee. We’ll cover regular maintenance and upgrades for you, guaranteeing your security system as long as you’re under our protection.

Cloud-Based Software Architecture

Our cloud-hosted security system eliminates physical servers at your business, mitigating risk of tampering and eliminating the need for client-side maintenance. We’ll keep your system up and running with the latest security upgrades without you needing to lift a finger.

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Eyewitness’ Tactical Operations Center (TOC) at our Maryland headquarters is comprised of many former and active duty military and police, who work with our product teams and sales staff to ensure customers receive the proper security solutions to fit their facility’s needs. Our internal access control team staff’s experience have combined decades of access control solution installation and maintenance at some of the largest business campuses in the country.



Our clients remain trusted partners in security, with a 97% annual customer retention rate over 12 years of industry service. At Eyewitness, there’s no “one size fits all” security program: We design security plans and operating procedures tailored to each customer’s location and needs. Dedicated account managers support each of their clients through personalized access to Eyewitness resources and troubleshooting, should the need arise.



We only install world-class hardware combined with the most intuitive and secure software at our customers’ businesses. (After all, your security system is only as secure as its weakest link.) Every security system we oversee is dynamic, to grow with your business. Need more doors secured? We can add more, no problem. Want to upgrade your regular key fobs to Bluetooth-enabled door access by phone? We can do that, too.



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