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Eyewitness Blog: Employee Spotlight September 2017

Eyewitness Employee Spotlight for September 2017: Dan Capri

| Company News | One Comment

We continue shining the spotlight on our hardworking Eyewitness Surveillance employees with September’s Employee Spotlight! Last month’s employee Sean Marshall nominated Dan Capri, our Tactical Operations Center [TOC] Supervisor to

700 Miles to Hope: One General Manager's Ride to Remember His Sons

700 Miles to Hope: One General Manager’s Ride to Remember His Sons

| Company News, Dealership | No Comments

Words cannot describe the agony of parents watching their child’s health decline day over day, month over month, year over year. It’s unspeakable, unable to compare to any other pain—unless

Eyewitness Blog: Employee Spotlight August 2017

Eyewitness Employee Spotlight for August 2017: Sean Marshall

| Company News | One Comment

As we grow as a company and add new members to the Eyewitness team, it’s important for us to honor those exceptional employees who serve as shining examples of service