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Eyewitness Insight – The IP Security Camera Video Management System Of The Future

Eyewitness Insight is an open architecture video management system that gives customers top functionality to view complex IP security camera video systems on multiple web-browsing and mobile platforms like IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, iPhone, Android, as well as to Social Media Gadgets (Google, Facebook, etc). Insight enables Eyewitness to build hybrid, scalable video management software solutions to meet customers’ security and operational needs and allows customers to run relevant operational reports. Not only does Insight handle EWS’s line of IP security cameras with camera-based analytics, the video management system integrates with over 2600 IP security camera devices from all major manufacturers and can process video analytics on the server to make those IP security cameras intelligent.

Unleash The Benefits Of Your IP Security Camera With Eyewitness Insight Video Management Software

  • Having a full featured and advanced video management system for surveillance at your facility means no longer being passive about security. IP security cameras allow for two-way audio communications so it is possible to instruct customers and employees on how to use facilities, or even encourage compliance from persons who may be seeking to cause harm or theft on the premises.
  • Thanks to wireless IP camera technology, you can customize your video management system setup to cover any spaces very quickly and easily with less need to route wires or make alterations to buildings. Enjoy a new sense of control when remotely directing your ip security cameras by making them pan, tilt, and zoom remotely.
  • An IP security camera system adds data security by way of the encryption and authentication standards used in your wireless IP camera network such as WPA, WPA2, AES, etc.
  • Access the Eyewitness Insight video management software from a multitude of user platforms. Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari on just about any contemporary hardware are all capable of interfacing with our IP security camera software. Eyewitness Insight video management software is also compatible with the Apple iPhone and Google Android mobile devices.
  • Make use of camera-based analytics to assist in actively securing your premises and in the creation of detailed analytics reports to study later. The data tracked and collected from your IP security camera system software can be used to help in making future adjustments to your IP security camera configuration or even in policies at your facility, and thanks to wireless IP cameras, making changes is faster, easier, and more cost effective.

Security Is Under Your Control With The Eyewitness Insight Video Management System

Gone are the days of cumbersome closed circuit security systems requiring an employee to be in the control room at all times in order to respond to important matters. Eyewitness Insight gives your organization a plethora of ways to access the IP security camera system feed and even control it remotely. Now anyone can be placed into the driver’s seat of a feature rich video management software package that is compatible with most existing video security hardware and mobile devices.

Eyewitness Insight


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